Subject:UFP Statement regarding the recent Ferengi Incedent

Last Evening, a Starfleet Shuttle, under the control of Admiral Robert Croix, entered Ferengi Space.
This shuttle, the USS Gabriel Bell, violated Ferengi Space, and the Ferengi destroyed her, after ordering her to surrender, which according to sensor logs the ship refused.
Admiral Croix is missing, and presumed dead at this point in time.

But we would like to state that Admiral Croix's actions were taken solely by him and not authorized by either Starfleet or the UFP.
Again, I would like to apologize to the Ferengi Government on behalf of the United Federation of Planets, and in a show of good faith, I have ordered all Starfleet ships to give our shared boarders wide berth until our representatives can sit down and
work this situation out.

Admiral Johns
Starfleet Command