Subject:Federation Political Newsbrief

A well-groomed Andorian sits behind a desk, tapping at a PADD as the holocam zooms closer. He glances up, gazing forward with his antennae twitching slightly as he addresses the audience.

"Good evening. I am Kor Tarnel, and this is a Federation Political Newsbrief.

James Ryan Maxwell continues to hold a commanding lead in the polls, with the last reports coming back projecting that Maxwell will win out over his opponent, Sar'v'klo Alexander. A full 59% of those surveyed showed support for Maxwell, with a mere 36% for Alexander. 5% of respondants are still undecided.

This very strong projected win by Maxwell, and his running mate John Galt, is quite unsettling to representatives of the Cardassian Union. A Cardassian ambassador, who chooses to remain anonymous, released a statement saying, "If Maxwell wins, I fear for the safety of the galaxy-- and not just my own people."

Alexander, running under current President Sanuk's party line, continues to show strongest in polls from his adopted home planet, Vulcan. The half-Vulcan and his Terran running mate Jonathan Shannow pulled in 45% on that system.

President Sanuk's office, today, released a statement finally, formally endorsing Sar'v'klo Alexander and Jonathon Shannow as the successor to the Sanuk administration. This announcement is expected to have some impact in the elections coming up in three days, but it is believed that this announcement is too late to help the ailing Alexander campaign, which has been hurting ever since the debate disaster.

This has been a Federation political newsbrief."

The image fades out as the Andorian picks the PADD up and begins tapping again, then breaks into a commercial for vacations on Risa.