Subject:Bajoran-riots Addressed

The riots that have been waged for the past several months upon Bajor were quelled today upon the dispatch of over twenty-thousand Cardassian shock-troops into various Bajoran cities and the planet's capital itself. Large military craft were reported patrolling its streets and curfew was imposed where no Bajoran is allowed outside after dark. Any suspected members of the planet's resistence cell were apprehended and executed on site: standing orders from Central Command. The old-days of the occupation appear to have returned to Bajor, with a new twist. The Kai was delivered an ominous message. "One more terroist act. One more Cardassian soldier killed and we will remove every Bajoran from the face of Bajor and use their blood to oil our mining machines." Rumours leaking from the new Union's government claim that Gulida Virant and several of his supporters have a keen eye for the rich-resources of Bajor. Analysts speculate they may simply be waiting for a valid excuse to turn the world into a strip-mine and permanently exodus or eradicate its native population.

A greedy eye, also, lately has been cast to the recent discovered homeworld of the new space-fairing race: the Seldakor. Ministry branches acknowledge that the Madrasad's flagship, the CUGW Reklar and her new Gul and Guln are already aware of orders concering the world. GNN continues to report a space-race between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets to ally the Seldakor to each other's cause.