Subject:Gulida Virant Speaks

*** Cardassian Government Controlled Media Broadcast ***

The expansive chamber of the central ministry opens up, broad and expansive...empty. Not a single chair is filled, not one seat occupied, as a lone figure, tall, imposing, strides down the central aisle, his hands clasped rigidly behind his back, folded into the arch there, frame covered in the metallic-gray uniform of the Madrasad.

Skin shinning in the light, the bright, regimented light that gloats throughout the hall, he mounts the speaker's podium to address his audience, his people. At his side gather his fellow Admirals, the core-body of the Central Command, including the wise and aged Gulida Teknav. Eyes neither gray, nor green, nor blue, but coal-black, unusual for their species, no smile grows upon  the central Cardassian's placid lips, his frigid face emotionless, expressionless.

"My fellow Cardassians..." he begins, voice condescending.

"Today I stand before you as chair of the Central Command and leader of the Cardassian Union. I have served upon the flagship of our illustrious people's navy, the Reklar, as Gul, and I have seen first-hand the idiosyncrasies of the Civilian government -- the fatal flaws that have lead to our disastrous state and unjustifiable defeats, the ridiculous appeasements of the Bajora and the dismissal of their very real resistance.

No more. No - more -.

To the First through Eighth Orders, including the distinguished Gul Troge and Guln Domarcet, I congratulate you all upon your promotions to command the finest vessels within our fleet. You have served me well in the past few months, and your interests in the affairs of the Union, I do believe, shall prove...beneficial in sustaining Madrasad Law. To the Ninth Order, and its members, whose names I will not mention here, I also give you my gratitude for your swift support and continued diligence in serving the Union and routing out its hidden enemies.

To the Civilian Party and its leaders. I hereby, by unanimous decision of the Central Command, find you guilty of treason against the Union, and sentence you to death. Your executions will be carried out immediately. Let us rid ourselves of your incompetence."

Drawing still, silent for a moment, Virant straightens his posture some, preparing to move forward with new business.

"Concerning the Domarcet Economic Plan, it is here forth ratified by the Central Command. An immediate decrease in fleet production will commence, in order to slow economic retraction and provide sustainable stability for future economic expansion exploits.

Lastly, following the execution of the Civilian Party's leaders, the Judicial branch and ministry branch will be restored -- under the authority and discretion of the Madrasad. The Legatsain will continue its duties as always, and I reviewing and revising our status with our neighbors."

The stoic Cardassian leader gives an approving nod.

"Sleep well, for now, citizens of Cardassia."