Subject:Civilian Party Overthrown

*** Cardassian Media Service ***


"We can no longer live under the shadow of the Civilian Party. I have ordered the arrest of civilian members and the Haradar. During this time of war, it was their duty to hand the central government over to the Madrasad's Central Command. Their failure to do so, has /forced/ me to seize the reins of our beloved Union so that it might be guided towards less tumultuous times of prosperity."

This statement was issued just hours ago by the new Guilda Virant, while military forces throughout Cardassia Prime and its outlying territories moved swiftly in a sudden coup to arrest and imprison Civilian Party leaders.

The streets of the Cardassian Union have been silent thus far, protesters either too afraid or unwilling to appear...perhaps remembering older days when the Military Party was in power. Shops were abruptly closed and many left work to be with their families. In the coming days a more formal-address is expected from the new Guilda, head of the Central Command, to the Union's fearful and awaiting citizens.

At this time, Cardassian military assets are being moving around. Taking up more strategic defense positions throughout the Union's space, while nearly all civilian branches of the government have been shut-down except for the diplomatic branch, which continues to function autonomously through its embassies on many alien worlds. The judicial branch has been suspended for the time-being, with all charged criminals going directly to a military court. Storm-troops line the capital and a curfew has been ordered for all Cardassian-held worlds.

A new order is at hand...