Subject:Madrasad Chief Dies

The Gulida of the Cardassian Union, Metak Tannar, died last due to a self-inflicted phaser blast to the head. Arek Teknav, spokesman for the Cardassian Union, said, "This is a great loss for the Union." A statement echoed by the declaration of a state of mourning throughout all the planets of the Cardassian Union.

Oddly enough, his replacement comes not from the ranks of the Admiralty of the Madrasad, but rather, from the ranks of the Guls. Nelvet Virant, formerly the commander of the CUGW Reklar, has been promoted to Gulida, the highest military rank in all of the Cardassian Union.

The implications of Tannar's death and his replacement have yet to be seen. Outside of the Union, little is known about Gulida Virant, and it is not certain the position he will take against the United Federation of Planets, as formal peace has still not yet been declared.