Subject:Bellatrix and Cestus, Truly Free!

*** GNN Special Report ***

>> The camera pans, showing carnage and destruction in its scope -- burning civil buildings left from riots and chaos. Thin, emaciated children, men, and woman, scrambling for supplies as hundreds of cargo vessels -- manned and unmanned -- land at the starport to deliver goods to the skeletal population. Young faces greedily tear into fresh bread, their teeth breaking free soft pieces from a loaf, and crowds of colonists cheer as they clamor for much needed supplies, their skinny arms waving like branches in the wind. <<

This is Maria Santez, GNN reporter, speaking to you from the capital city of Cestus. It has been nearly forty-eight hours now and merchants have found the region of space surrounding Cestus and Bellatrix completely Tholian-free. Unmanned Cargo Drones and private merchants, including pocket-pinching Ferengi have moved quickly in to make a tidy bar of latinum, having begun to distribute much needed food and equipment to the starving inhabitants of these two formerly besieged worlds.

No one knows exactly why the Tholian Assembly has retracted from its assault upon these people and the Federation, but it is clear the effect that they have had. Over five hundred in total, many of the citizens of Cestus and Bellatrix are malnourished and deranged. Excitement is spreading, however, throughout the streets at the realization the crystalline-invaders are finally gone. And, with what little energy many have been able to spare, crowds are gathering in mass to collect what they can from generous, or opportunistic, traders.

GNN will continue to bring you live coverage of this amazing turn of events as it unfolds.