Subject:Tholians Abandon Siege?

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Following the galatically-aired debate yesterday on Earth for Presidential hopefuls James Ryan Maxwell and Sar'v'klo Alexander, GNN optical-probes were able to for the first time in several months penetrate the systems of Bellatrix and Cestus, which have been frequented as of late by a barrage of Tholian attacks and mayhem. To GNN's surprise, not a single Tholian ship appeared to confront the media-equiped probes, and indeed, the colonists of both Cestus and Bellatrix jubilantly reported that they had not detected a single Tholian vessel for nearly sixteen hours -- an unusual turn of events.

It is not clear whether the Tholian Assembly has decided to forgo its claim upon this region of Federation space, but GNN suspects that the debates may have had a critical impact upon their policy. For now,

GNN will continue to monitor the Bellatrix and Cestus situation. Already, within the last few minutes of this announcement, unmanned Federation Cargo Drones have successfully entered orbit of the two worlds and have commenced distribution of supplies.

It may well be that the Tholian blockade has suddenly ended.