Subject:Romulans Seize Qo'BeH!

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Reports are still sketchy at this time, and it appears the Klingon High Council has made every effort to hinder public discovery of this event; but, GNN is proud to be the first to report that less than one week ago Romulan forces, having transversed the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone, seized the outlying Klingon border-colony of Qo'beH.

A class M planet centered around small private mining operations, the populace of Qo'beH is currently under Romulan detention. A barricade of over thirty d'Deridex Warbirds has been reported within the region, and Klingon Defense Force response has thus far been minimal. GNN analysts suspect the move was done in order to pressure the Klingon government to yield to new unknown Romulan demands: high trafficked diplomatic communiques reported following the recent elevation of tensions between the two empires and the suicide-crash of a B'rel into the Romulan homeworld -- believed to have been precipitated by the destruction of the hallow Kahless monastery on boreH.

A Federation response also appears to be lacking to this clear violation of the Khitomer accords: perhaps due to the surfacing threat of the Tholians and Cardassian fleet re-building efforts near to the demilitarized zone. It is clear that truly, now, more than ever, the galaxy stands upon the brink of a massive war. Although the Romulans have halted their invasion so far at Qo'beH, it is doubtful that the Klingon High Council will succumb to their usurping demands. The prospects of entangling alliances is great, with the Tholian Assembly and Cardassian Union allied with the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire allied against them.

As if to further cloud matters, the Ferengi Alliance's Grand Nagus Zek has declared he is eager to sell weaponry to both sides, perpetuating the situation's gloomy mood in the name of profit, and GNN has recently heard from unnamed sources that Dominion spies may still be lingering in the Alpha Quadrant.