Subject:Communication from the KE

You see the symbol of the Klingon Empire. In front of it is a Klingon
He is sitting and you only see him from the chest up. He begins to
"Yesterday a ship with the markings which read 'Hermes' entered
Klingon Space.
It was intercepted by four Vorcha class attack cruisers and two K'vort
Bird of Preys. We were of course planning on destroying the ship as we
let it
be known that the borders of the Klingon Empire are closed...
Here is a transcript of the transmissions from the Klingon Ships,
into common..."

"*****'HP Vessle Hermes, you have violated KE space, stand down or be
destoyed.' transmitted over Hail.
"%%%%%KE Vessles, I am passing through, I mean no harm.' transmitted
over Hail.
****'Hermed, you have ten seconds to comply or be destroyed.'
transmitted over
"*****'This is Chuchleth, Bird of prey, uncloak now. Flank the Hermes,
disruptors...targe engines only...We cangive this ship back to
Perhaps we can repair strained relations wi..***%$#@!"

You hear the sound of alert warnings blairing...

[IKS-5523]Kar'Lol (BOP) "Warning, I have a subspace anomoly on
transmitted over (XXXXX).
[IKS-1021]Chuchleth (Vorcha) "a cloaked ship? Lock on it and fire. It
violating our space." transmitted over (XXXXX).
[IKS-5523]Kar'Lol (BOP) "(yelling) It's some sort of subspace fissure
its getting bigger......A BORG CUBE has exited the fissure! It has
[IKS-7200]Gaw'Taklith (Vorcha) "(Yelling) The Kar'Lol has been
destroyed! We
are firing torpedos"  "Fire! all ships fire on the Borg!." transmitted
over (XXXXX)

You see the viewscreen. It shows four Vorcha, one Bird of Prey, and the
firing on the Borg cube. There are a multitude of Toredo and disruptor
ships. The Chuchleth takes a hit from the Borg's beam weapon and is
off course, but is intact.

[IKS-1021]Chuchleth "We are damaged, but are still firing..."
transmitted over (XXXXX)

The Hermes is struck by the Borg beam weapon, you can see its shields
to withstand it, but they fail and the hull is ruptured....the Hermes

You see the same klingon from earlier...he speaks:
"The Hermes was destroyed by a Borg cube in Klingon space, we are
currently salvaging the borg debris for information. That is all."

The symbol of the KE is put up again then fades to black.