Subject:Tholians Demand Federation Colonists Retreat

*** GNN News Brief ***

Although GNN has been informed the event occured nearly two days ago, the United Federation of Planets is just now releasing limited sensative information concerning the incursions into their space around Bellatrix and Cestus. Apparently the murduring culprits have been identified as the xenophobic and highly aggressive Tholian Assembly -- who has been known to be occasionally active in the region.

A surprise attack was launched upon the USS Hood and her crew by two Tholian probes, resulting in the destruction of one probe and heavy damage to the Galaxy class vessel. The IKS cha'bIp responded to tractor the crippled Hood back to spacedock following the indicent, where the Captain, Sar'v'klo Alexander, who is now currently running for Federation Council President, informed Starfleet Command and GNN of the Tholian's demands.

GNN analysts have long suspected that the Tholian Assembly would take advantage of the current tumultuous political climate and attempt to expand their territory; it seems they were correct. At this time, the Tholian Assembly recognizes the region harboring Bellatrix and Cestus as its sovereign space. It has DEMANDED the immediate evacuation of all non-Tholian intelligent lifeforms within the ridiculous short time-span of three days, and has warned that any remaining colonists would be eradicated.

Two days having already passed and Starfleet has yet to take any action over this trite commandment. It is suspected that the Federation Council will be convening shortly to address this issue...yet, even so, the fact remains, time is running out.