Subject:Announcement: Breaking News On UFP Election

     [From black, the screen slowly opens up into the quarters of a Starship. A man of somewhat middle-age, appearing to be Vulcan, enters from the left.] "Hello. As you all know, President Sanuk has dropped out of the candidacy for his re-election. I, Sar'v'klo Alexander, announce my entry to this election. I realize, that with this drop out of Sanuk, most of the votes will swing towards Maxwell/Galt. I just wish I could convey to you all the absurd, illogical idea in choosing to vote for these two men. Maxwell, the Presidential candidate of the two, is psychologically unfit to lead a force as longstanding and influencial as the Federation. What good can this say about the man he chose to be his Vice President, Galt? On another hand, Maxwell uses tragedies beyond control of one man, Sanuk, to influence the people of the Federation to vote for him and his Vice Presidential candidate. I, Sar'v'klo Alexander, pledge to never show influence on you all through tragedies. I merely put myself out here before you all. For you see, although I am half Vulcan, I do both understand and feel the pain many of you have. If you want a leader who will understand your needs with both a logical nature and that of a philosophical, exaniming nature, vote Sar'v'klo Alexander. Thank you. [The screen fades back to normal.]