Subject:[Sanuk: Official UFP Announcement]

From:     Sanuk
To:       Rembrandt
When:     2:29 pm, Saturday, April 20, 2002
Subject:  Official UFP Announcement
Sanuk of Vulcan, President of the United Federation of Planets, steps up to a podium bearing the seal of his office.  He begins to speak:

"Citizens of the Federation, I bid you greetings.   For a majority of my life, I have served the Federation in one form or another.  In Starfleet, I served various tours of duty on Starships, culminating in my command of USS Omaha.  I later accepted promotion to Admiral in charge of Starfleet Science.   When then President Grissom retired, and President Richards took his position, I was asked to serve as Vice President.  As is well known, I accepted, and I am proud to have served in that position during what is termed as the golden age of the Federation.   Upon the retirment of President Richards, I chose to accept an invitation to serve as Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation.   Unfortunately, the new administrations did not prove as successful as the old, and the Federation was eventually thrown into an ill-planned war.   At the behest of my old friend, Kyle Richards, I negotiated a peace treaty with the Tholians, avoiding yet another costly war.  And, then, I accepted nomination to office of President.

"I am satisfied to have brought the Federation from near ruin to the strong position we hold today.  However, I did not enter in to this matter as a long term venture.   I accepted this position to strengthen the Federation, and now that the Federation stands strong, it is time for me to move along.  Unfortunately, certain elements in my administration believed that I would continue on and filed my intention to seek another term.  This was done in error.  I shall not seek, nor will I accept another term as President of the United Federation of Planets.   At the end of this term, I shall return to my prior position as Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation.   Thank you for you time."