Subject:Federation Election Update

With no more strong contenders emerging to challenge Sanuk, and increasing uneasiness about the Federation's strategic position, particularly with the attacks on Federation shipping, as well as the suprising withdrawal of several other candidates, the election field has shifted substantially. Incumbent Sanuk now holds 41.6% of the electorate in polls. The 21.6% share that Sullivan had built up before his withdrawal evaporated largely into undecided, but James Ryan Maxwell, the black sheep which advocates a more aggressive position for the Federation, has managed to capture more than five times his previous share, bringing his total to 17.1% 0.8% is still reserved for other candidates, and 41.5% are still undecided. However, most suprising is the fact that as of this date, a poll of undecided voters show them leaning towards J.R. Maxwell at a rate of about 62-37-1, meaning that if the election was to be held today, the likely result would be roughly 55.96% Sanuk, 42.83% Maxwell, 1.3% undecided.

The distribution of support would yield for Sanuk 116 Council votes, and 37 for Maxwell, re-electing Sanuk. Still, the race is far from over.

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