Subject:Attacks Continue!

*** GNN News Alert ***

The attacks within recent weeks upon independent and Federation vessels have taken a steady turn for the worse, with the unchallenged alien-starships now expanding their destructive raids to include many freighters bound to the Gorn Confederation. The populations speckling Cestus and Bellatrix have been clamoring relentlessly for much-needed supplies, reporting a climax in death-tolls as famine and disease begin to besiege their colonies. With medical supplies nearly depleted as well as energy reserves for replicators, the various Federation citizens are having to turn to home-grown crops and wild-game to feed their hungry families: both of which are currently insufficient to sustain the various cities that span the planet's surface.

Many within the Federation have noted the encroaching disaster, stating that if the perpetrator is not identified soon and some remedy implemented the results will be catastrophic. GNN has been unable to retrieve any new footage of the privateering going on within this portion of Federation space, and over twenty-three optical probes sent were destroyed immediately upon arrival by the mysterious translucent-white ships that pepper the region. Even the Ferengi Alliance has not been able to escape the fervent assaults made upon merchant-ships within this part of space, and no freighter or cruiser, be it aligned with any government or company, has thus far been immune to annihilation.

Fatalities of such pilots has continued to rise dramatically: into the high five-hundreds, with kin barraging insurance companies for compensation. The looming threat is noted to be having a disturbing effect on neighboring economies.