Subject:Federation Freighters Attacked!

*** GNN Special Report ***

The viewscreen shows a small, sleek vessel, translucent in its fore, but orange-hued in its aft, stream-line, like a diamond, flying through the depths of space, a hot-beam fired from it to pierce the hull of a large unmanned freighter, slicing it in half, its cargo containers spilling out to float against the starry background just before the freighter's remnants implode into a fiery sphere.

A second shot, then, is fired, towards the camera, the image suddenly lost as it errupts into static.

"GNN has captured these images of an unidentified craft destroying Federation freighters and frigates upon trade routes between Federation member-worlds and the more distant-located planets of Cestus and Bellatrix. Although not every freighter, as the one shown above, is manned, some have been, resulting thus far in the death of twenty-three merchants. The alien perpatrators seem to have no regard for human life, or any life for that matter, destroying trade vessels at will that are attemping to reach their destination. Current conjecture is that these attacks are being either perpatrated by the Tholian Assembly or the Gorn Confederation, both who have been known to follow doctrines of privateering. What puzzles GNN, and distrubs this reporter, is that piracy doesn't appear to be the sole motive behind these unprecedented attacks.

Cargo was found by responding Escort Crafts, left adrift and uncollected in more than half of the attacks. Indeed, whomever is targeting these freighters appears more bent on cutting off supplies to Cestus and Bellatrix than seizing the goods bound there.

The United Trade Guild and other such organizations have begn to rally together, clamoring for Starfleet to investigate this matter within and resolve the issue promptly before any more lives are needlessly lost.

This has been a GNN news brief. Remember, if you didn't hear from us, it probably didn't happen."