Subject:Political News from the Federation

A perky young Terran woman stares at the camera, glowing even though the chronometer in the corner reads that it's 0300 Galactic standard time. She begins to speak.

This is Christina Campbell, Federation political correspondent for GNN. The field of contenders for the office of the President is filling up at a slower pace than usual, possibly because the flakes have better representation than usual. As usual, the Risian People For Self-Defense is running a candidate, who once again has determined that the Federation is hiding the SDF-Macross, the flagship of the long lost RDF. The Assimililationinsts are again running Nos Larnek under a proposition of having the Federation assimilated by the Borg. In a suprise manuever, however, the Essentialists have, in a move just as likely to hurt as to help, have thrown their support behind James Maxwell, whose candidacy aims to "return the Federation to sensibility, efficiency, and a state where it doesn't take crap from anyone."

We have done some work, and recovered some information about Mr. Maxwell that the public may find interesting. He was born as a test-tube child to two women, and was willful and rather disobedient as a child. He doesn't have many friends, and is described by many people as being a heinous asshole. He gained notoreity in a collection of manuevers that were filed in a series affectionately called "The Maxwell Files" where apparently he almost singlehandedly stopped a Cardassian invasion of the Federation. According to retrieved records, he managed to save the first ship he served on, but was transferred off because people hated him. He was placed on the Hood, where he prevented a group of Cardassian ships from sneaking through Federation space, stopped an invasion of Betazed, and did heavy damage to the Cardassian fleet in the joint invasion with the Klingons. He has also managed to infuriate the Cardassian ambassador, threatening to, "Kick his ass"

For every commendation and award he has received from Starfleet, he has received letters of reprimand for his poor attitude. The only exception being the Starfleet Efficiency and Waste Elimination/Reduction Taskforce, which has had nothing but praise for his work.

Jay Sullivan, a relative unknown who is still wanted by the Ferengi for actions pertaining to the theft of equipment from the FAS Nindraga, announced his candidacy for President recently with great fanfare. His platform is that he will let civilians come to him with any problems that they have, and will run the government to serve the needs of said civilians, rather than the military. His lack of interest in the military seems particularly interesting considering his recent run-ins with the Romulans, who apparently captured him twice for violating their space, fining him a substantial amount. As a matter of fact, Lieutenant Sullivan provided a great deal of hilarity in this very office a few months ago when he transmitted a broadband hail to all governments asking for an alliance with his company, Gamma Cargo Trading, which was later absorbed by the Confederate Trade Group.

We hope to provide more specific details on these dealings with the Romulans as soon as more details are forthcoming, but this election is already shaping up to be interesting.

There are two big questions on everyones minds, however. Who will the candidates choose to run with them, and will President Sanuk be seeking reelection?

Two early polls were conducted by this organization. One to test the field if President Sanuk seeks reelection, and one if he doesn't. If Sanuk is to run, in the current candidate field (keeping in mind that no serious opposition has yet emerged), it is likely that he will win every council seat, and it would be unanimous. Currently, overall, 31.2% would vote for Sanuk, 3.4% for James Maxwell, 0.9% for all other candidates, and 64.5% undecided. Of those undecided, 82% said they were merely waiting for another serious candidate to emerge, and would likely vote for Sanuk if none did. The other 18% simply have no preference yet.

Sanuk polled highest on Vulcan, with a full 94.6% polling in favor. The prevailing view among the latter was that it was irrelevant to consider it as such an early date. James Maxwell appears to be polling his highest at Jervis VI, a colony near the demilitarized zone, with 28.1% in favor. The RPSD is polling highest on Risa, with 1.9%. Jay Sullivan is polling at his highest on Velduk Prime, with a full 4.4% of the population approving of his....platform. All other parties do not have a statistically important segment as of now.

The polls taken with Sanuk not running saw James Maxwell leading with 5.7%, Jay Sullivan with 2.2%, all other candidates with 1.1%, with 91% undecided, 84.6% of which say that they'll vote for anyone else as of now, with the remaining 15.4% simply undecided amongst those currently running. These numbers are fairly insignifigant though, as the political process has not yet begun to attract any sort of widespread attention, and name recognition still nonexistent among many of those running.

This is Christina Campbell, GNN News