The seal of the Rihannsu Star Empire displays prominently on the screen, vanishing slowly in a rather alien-looking fade. What replaces it is a relatively stark chamber, lit with the characteristic emerald hues of the Rihannsu race and figuring, in a rather prominent position, a chair on which a Klingon is sitting. Behind him, on both sides of the chair, two Galae guards stand on parade rest... their stances vigilant but their duties somehow more ceremonial than necessary. The voice that breaks the silence is definitely Rihannsu, full of the aspirated tones of the race and tinged with a slight note of superiority.

"The Klingon you are seeing here is Emperor Toq'mar of the Klingon Empire. One of his ships, a B'rel, made the recent suicide attack on the capital city of ch'Rihan. While the Tal Shiar is examining all aspects of this horrendous act, the Empire would like you all to hear the testimony of one of those behind this massacre."

It is a while till the Klingon looks up to the camera, his eyes heavy and filled with the kind of hatred that one would expect between the two races. For a moment, it appears that he will refuse to cooperate, but just as the silence becomes unbearable, he finally speaks.

"It is not the warrior way to attack innocents, but no Romulan is every innocent now, are they. Honor demands retribution, and as such we see no crime in what we have done. Another glorious victory. I have ordered the attack on Romulus. It is only the beginning the pain your people will feel at the hands of the Klingon Empire."

Another silence, this one somehow punctuated with the slow motions of the Klingon who no longer looks at the camera. After a few more seconds, the image vanishes and the screen turns off.