Subject:Klingon suicide mission devastates Rihannsu capital!


The screen clicks on to show Roger McDonald, scratched, dusty, and looking generally beat-up standing in front of the wrecked wall of a building.  The sky and surrounding scenery are obscured by a grey haze.

"GNN viewers, I cannot even begin to describe the horror of what has just happened.  We are standing only a few meters from the impact point of a Klingon vessel -- early reports are that it was a B'rel class scout -- which minutes ago crashed into the city of Ra'tleihfi on ch'Rihan, the Rihannsu homeworld.  The devastation is beyond imagination.  The craft hit deep in the heart of the city, where many worked and lived, and we can only guess at how many have perished."

The view cuts to footage of a fireball streaking across the sky.  As it gets closer, it is apparent that the source of the fireball is a Klingon bird of prey type ship plummeting through the atmosphere at tremendous speed.  The camera follows the craft until it slams into a building several hundred meters from the cameraman.  There is a flash, and then the view changes back to McDonald.

"What you have just seen was the footage recorded by a GNN camera crew here to document the diplomatic meetings between the Federation and Rihannsu.  The craft impacted only minutes before the meetings were to begin.  It is not clear exactly what buildings have been destroyed, but early speculation is that the Klingons targetted the building to house the talks.  What we do know as this time is that worst hit was the Strategic Center, a school where Rihannsu children are taught games of strategy, such as kal-to and chess, in preparation for a future military career.  We saw emergency workers removing the bodies of children from the site."

The view cuts to footage of a street littered with rubble, Rihannsu emergency vehicles screeching by or parked by the shattered buildings.  To one side, you can see a pair of rescue workers moving a litter.  The litter is carrying a small, black body bag.  The view cuts back to McDonald.

"I do not know how long the Rihannsu government will allow us to remain here, but we will continue to bring you the latest from the scene as long as is possible.  This is Roger McDonald for GNN."