**The screen flickers and Fleet Admiral Wallace stands behind a podium, surrounding by reporters**
"Greetings, I have called this press conference to address the Klingon nullification of our treaty.
As you can guess, we are EXTREMELY saddened that the KE has taken this action without warning to us.
Our relationship has been very close, we recently sent med teams to So'Be to help after the Dominion attack, and they have been there to help us on numerous occassions.
I also understand that their Fleet has been depleated due to their battles and helping us, but severing ties with us is not the answer.
We honor their choice, but plea to the KE to open talks with us to work things out.
We have all worked long and hard to create what the KE has suddenly decided to end.  Isolation can only weaken a group, help with h aid its recovery..we want to help the KE.
I hopwe that the bond and treaty between us and the KE is restored... only time will tell.  Thank you all for your time.
**Wallace steps down from the podium as the reporters shout questions.....the screen fades...**