To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Klingon-Empire-Chronicles
Subject:GNN Special Report: vaS'a Acitivty

*** GNN Late-Breaking News ***

The skyline of the Qo'noS fills the viewscreen, murky clouds and distant sparks of lightning shuttering with thunder, the camera pans downward to display the vaS'a, a great trapezoidal structure whose dome looms above the cityscape and whose copper-facade dominates a grand procession-way that spans endlessly before it.

Over the surreal image, where flame-torches seemingly speckle the metropolis' vast distances, intrudes the GNN reporter's voice.

"In the late hours of the night, the High Council has convened, gathering in a closed session, the vaS'a's massive doors tightly locked and sealed with a clang. Aides inside have leaked to the media that the Emperor, VoDleH Toq'mar, who was to be coronated in but one week's time from today, is no where to be found; and, that the IKS lor, a B'rel Class bird of prey known to have left Klingon space some weeks ago, has gone missing. No coorespondence has been received from its crew and local intelligence seems dumbfounded as to its whereabouts.

But, this isn't apparently what this meeting is completely about. The Imperial Diplomatic Corps has concured that a Romulan transmission was received, requesting a formal cease-fire to be drawn between the two galatic powers in lieu of recent hostilities, including the destruction of the most sacred monastery on boreH.


This just in. GNN has just, at this very moment, been informed that the High Council has reached a decision concerning the proposed treaty. It seems the Council is willing to enter into negotiations with the Romulans, what must be perceived by the Klingon public as a rather unpopular move. Nevertheless, it is clear that the last attack upon the Empire and the war launched against the Cardassian Union must be paying a toll on the Klingon Defense Force. We will have to wait and see what deal is exactly hammered out between these two nations.

This has been Andria Mortague reporting for GNN. Remember, if you didn't hear it here, it probably didn't happen.