Subject:Romulan-Federation Talks

*** GNN Special Report ***

The face of a rather mannish woman appears on the left side of the screen, the right filled with a graphical box showing the stars and branch symbol of the Federation, and the outstretched wings of the Romulan Empire.

"This is Kristina Manhoir, reporting for GNN News. A Federation delegation has been dispatched to and arrived at Romulus, in order to begin high-level diplomatic talks. Our sources report that the Romulans called the meeting, and issued the invitation to hold them on their homeworlds, an almost unprecendented act."

The scene shifts to Hellesport, where a camera crew has cornered a member of the Romulan consultate there. "Attache-general tr'Kheriov, why has the Romulan Star Empire opened the sudden dialogue with the Federation?"

"I believe I speak for my government for the Rihannsu people when I say that, although the betrayal of us by the Federation in the recent conflict with the Dominion is still fresh on our minds, we believe it's time to move beyond our differences and reach a new understanding. We share hundreds of square light-years of border with the Federation, possibly the Alpha Quadrant's largest empire, in size, population, and economy, and as such it is not beneficial to either side to remain in this state of cold war any longer. We hope that we will be able to redress the problems of the past and lay the groundwork for a bright new future between the Federation and the Rihannsu people."

The screen shifts back to Kristina.

"You heard it here first. The Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets are holding talks at this very moment that may radically alter the political makeup of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. We will keep you informed of any developments.

This is Kristina Manhoir, reporting for GNN. If you don't see it here, it didn't happen. "