Subject:[Toq'mar: Toq'mar's Response]

From:     Toq'mar
To:       *Action-Notices, *Galactic-Enquirer-Submissions and *Klingon-Empire-Chronicles
When:     3:08 pm, Saturday, March 02, 2002
Subject:  Toq'mar's Response
The familiar visage of Toq'mar fills the screen and slowly zooms out, showing the dark and somewhat mysterious bridge of a Klingon warship. He sits in the captain's chair, his hands grasping the arm-rests, as he peers forward to the camera, a slight smile upon his face.

After a moment, he begins to speak, his voice a powerful baritone as it resounds heavily against the metal of the room in which he sits. "Greetings," he begins, "I am Toq'mar Kahless QengpIyj, and I have been named Emperor by the High Council." His smile broadens slightly, and he stands, the camera following him smoothly as he begins to walk, still talking.

"I have chosen to accept this Honor," he says, pacing, "And I commend the High Council on their wisdom. I would, however, like to reassure those who doubt me and my abilities -- I would like to assure you that those of you on the Council who voted against me in this matter, that I seek not to undermine your power but, rather, to unify the Klingon people behind a single, powerful leader. I led a rebellion against Tyrrany, and I shall not let myself become a tyrant -- for I shall always hold great respect for the High Council and its wisdom.

He returns to the area of the chair, and faces forward, his hands clasped behind him as he speaks to the camera. "Qapla'!" he says, firmly, "That is all."

The screen clicks off immediately.