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Subject:The Klingon High Council Votes!

*** Klingon Imperial News Column ***

Rumor spread quickly, and the news was nothing short of expected, for following Qang Shra'Hawk's stirring address to the Klingon people and to the High Council, a vote was swiftly put to the test. His decree, his spoken ballot, would name Toq'mar Emperor, but it would do so under a limited provision. The Emperor would be once more the head-of-state, possessing executive authority, just stopping short of absolute power. The High Council would retain its purpose and its usefulness, lead by the Councilor who had coveted it and nurtured it from its beginning.

Many of the older Houses that occupy the Council seemed to sneer at these ideals: the sheer thought of Toq'mar as Kahless offensive, and to grant him power above their own -- disdainful! Nevertheless, when the votes were done and cast, when the dice were thrown, and the count taken, the tally stood as Fourteen 'For' to ten 'Against'...and the measure passed. Even in its victory, the wisdom of some of the Council's crafty politicians did not escape this new doctrine's law. For in it, they sustained the idea that only Kahless the Unforgettable should ever be an Emperor with power. And in naming that provision, they declared that only one Kahless, according to the prophecy, would ever return, and that if he was indeed Toq'mar reborn, none other following that Klingon's death should ever assume the mantle of Emperor again, and the Klingon people would revert to a system based purely upon the High Council's rule upon his demise.

Such it was written and such will it be done. The High Council stands now more as a Senate, with the Qang at its overseer, its guardian, and the Emperor as the Empire's head, its true voice.