Subject:[Shra'Hawk: Address from Qang Shra'Hawk]

From:     Shra'Hawk
To:       *High-Council and *Klingon-Empire-Chronicles
When:     10:15 pm, Friday, March 01, 2002
Subject:  Address from Qang Shra'Hawk
The seal of the Klingon empire fills the screen, remaining prominent for several seconds, before fading to the interior of a darkened chamber, lit only by the flicker of dim illumination.
However, in the dim light, a massive table can be seen, surrounded by figures, dim in the shadows, save their forms  and shadows projected onto the walls by the dim, red, illumination.
With the suddenness of a disruptor blast, a bright beam of light flares from somewhere overhead, and shines it's devilish red rays down onto one of the shadowy forms, who steps forward into the bloody glow.
His eyes firm, face cold below his forehead ridges, this can only be the tall form of Qang Shra'Hawk, leader of the high council of the Klingon Imperial Empire, garbed in the official robes of his office.
He stands, motionless for several seconds, letting his visage and image sink into those that are viewing this transmition.
Then, he speaks, voice resonating through the chamber, firm in it's statements, his eyes seeming to look out of the very screen itself.
"Citizens of the Klingon Empire. My people, and those I have served for many years. I come before you, to address the issue of Kahless, the Unforgetable." He stops, letting his words fade into silence, before starting up once again.
"When he united the empire, so many years ago, he claimed he would return, and that the place of his return would be the sacred planet of Borath itself.  And, as we all know,  years ago, one resembling Kahless, with his memories, and claiming to be the emperor himself did return.  However, it was soon discovered, that this individual, although he held the memories of Kahless, was merely a clone, developed by those on Borath who longed for him to indeed, return. He was named emperor, and, until his capture by the RSE, has occupied that spot." He once again pauses, and takes a deep breath, expanding his chest to it's full capacity, before his next statements.
"The return of Toq'mar from the dead, and his appearance on Borath, has split the council, with his claim that he, not the former individual, is Kahless, the unforgetable, who died in battle, and was resurrected.  The deciding vote, lies in my hands, as Qang of the High Council."
"I too believe  in the legend that Kahless will return to us.  However, his return would be at the time of most need, not just at the time chosen by those fanatical for him to return.  This!" He brings his hand down onto the surface of the table, his metal gauntlet causing a spark to flare from the surface as it impacts, as well as a very loud bang."This is the time we most need Kahless, and his wisdom. I therefore, vote, Yes, in that Toq'mar is to be crowned Kahless, and that he is to hold the title of Emperor. His wisdom and guidance will allow us to return to, if not the old ways, then ways befitting the proud, and honorable race that we, as the Klingon people, represent."
Pausing once more, he stares into the screen, and again, seemingly through it, at those viewing the broadcast. "However, even though Toq'mar is to be crowned Kahless, and emperor, we will not return to the time in which all power rested in the hands of one individual. That has led to the destruction of many a proud race. and, I, do not wish to see my race brought to such an end. I therefore propose the following to the council. The emperor will not have total control over the leadership of the empire. He will have limited powers, in concert with those of the council. His policies, must be approved bya majority vote of  the council, before they are ratified, and become imperial law.  The Qang will remain as head of the council, and the emperor will meet regularly with the council to propose bills, and other measures, including the declaration of war.  Coordination of all Klingon military assets, including the KDF and intelligence, will be done through those appointed to lead those noble branches of the empire.  These appointments, although they maybe made by the emperor, will also, have to be approved by the council."
He stops, and sweeps his eyes around the room, still standing at his full height under the blood-red glare from above. "We are an honorable race, and we shall remain an honorable race, despite what others in this galaxy think of us and our practices.  We shall defend what is ours, and protect those that inhabit and live within this great empire, so that generations may flourish and our race may continue. So, I say to you, my fellow Klingons, let us unite during this time of blood, and pain, and show the Galaxy what it means to be called Klingon." With that, he draws a Bat'leth, raising it high into the air, to let it shine in the light, before bringing it down again, as a finish to his address.
The screen remains focused on the chamber, and on the Qang, for several more seconds, before fading into the symbol of the Klingon Imperial Empire once again.  This remains for several more seconds, and then too fades to black.