To:*Klingon-Empire-Chronicles and *Galactic-Enquirer
Subject:Qo'noS: Citizens Demand Emperor!!

*** GNN Special Report ***

This is Farley Hampton reporting from Qo'noS.

In the last twenty-four hours large crowds have gathered at city squares within Vospeg, Qam-Chee, Quin'lat, and the capital: Veng Wa'Dich to voice their strong support for yejquvwI' Toq'mar, who has been claiming to be none other than the Klingon icon, Kahless the Unforgettable, himself, reborn. Although these gatherings have yet to become violent, a great deal of talk seems to be circulating amongst them of storming the vaS'a' and forcing the High Council to accept Toq'mar as the rightful Emperor.

The support for the yejquvwI', which previously had been at its strongest during the Kliingon-rebellion staged against the former Qang Krotoc, had been wavering in recent months following the Romulans' display of him and nI' aj'yo' loS behind bars -- dishonorably captured. Such memories appear forgotten, however, these days as the masses clamor for a return to traditional ways and the disposal of Kahless the clone...who many have argued now for a decade has wrongly held the title of Emperor.

What seems even more surprising is the Klingon public's support to completely hand over all executive power to Toq'mar, effectively making him like Krotoc following his disbanding of the High Council: the very dictator that Toq'mar fought so fervently to dislodge from authority. Whether Toq'mar will limit himself or whether the High Council will limit him...*if* they even permit his re-instatement as Emperor has yet to be determined. No statements have been forthcoming from Toq'mar's camp concerning how he will redistribute power amongst the government's current sovereign branches if he should become Emperor.

This saga seems to go ever on and on. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain amongst all this chaos, the peoples' cries will not be ignored; and, this reporter believes it is likely the High Council will at least crown Toq'mar Emperor with some executive privileges above what the current head-of-state possesses. Just how extensive those privileges will be...well, that something we will all have to wait and see.