Subject:News from the front

A joint Federation-Klingon task force struck hard against Cardassian forces near Terok Nor station yesterday evening (galactic standard time), crippling what is believed to be the remainder of the Cardassian Madrasad navy. Scattered ships were seen retreating, heavily damaged, to the vicinity of Cardassia Prime, but no statistics are known at this time exactly how many Cardassian vessels remain.

Federation ships showed their superiority for the first time in this war as a fleet of Nebula and Galaxy-class ships quickly destroyed the flagship of the Cardassian fleet, the Galor-class Aldara, and disabled Terok Nor's defense systems.

The Klingon vessels, led by the Vor'cha class cruiser Pach, suffered very heavy losses in the battle. Only a scant few B'rel and K'vort-class birds of prey remain of the hundreds of vessels dispatched to aid in this Federation-led offensive.

Federation fleets were driven off from the Bajoran sector by threats from the Cardassians that they would vent the atmosphere of the station if the fleets didn't retreat. It is, however, expected that the Federation will pursue an end to this conflict within the next day.

While citizens of many Federation worlds filled the streets with joy at first news of how well the battle went, Federation council is clamoring for an end to this very expensive conflict.

Also, perhaps unrelated, Romulan warbirds were spotted decloaking off Vulcan. They cloaked without engaging. It is disturbing, however, in the wake of news from the Klingon empire of the attack on boreH.

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