Subject:boreH Attacked!

*** GNN Special Report ***

Flames churn hotly and smoke billows out of a beautiful temple's remnants upon the otherwise isolated and ill-defended planet boreH. Craters, deep and scarring mar the landscape, trees felled and debris spewed about from some destructive aerial bombardment. The wounded and dead lay scattered like rag-dolls, their charred bodies smoldering husks: women, children, and men.

Over the wreckage and carnage comes GNN's announcer's voice:

"boreH, the center of Klingon religion and the site of their most holy temple to Kahless the Unforgettable was attacked today by the Romulan Star Empire in an unprecedented breach of the Khitomer accords. The civilian death-toll is expected to be in the high thousands, and the most hallow site in all of the Klingon Empire has been obliterated to nothing more than a pile of stone and charcoal.

Surprisingly, the High Council has remained rather silent, even after successfully destroying the invading Romulan fleet after suffering huge casualties. The only message they have been willing to release to their outraged public is that the temple will be rebuilt: 'more glorious and awesome to their great Emperor than ever before.'

The Klingon people are demanding revenge, by any means necessary. And, seeing that the Khitomer accords have been thrust out the window in this brash assault on innocent life, it would be no surprise to this reporter if the Empire took some strange and unusual actions against their Romulan-enemy.

Indeed, GNN is anticipating a formal declaration of war in the coming hours. The vaS'a', seat of the Klingon government, is known to be bustling with activity -- a secret council session having been called during this state-emergency.

This is Avery Skyheart, commentator for GNN, signing off.