Subject:Invasion Begins!

*** GNN Special Report ***


The camera draws back, a wide panoramic shot given of a hundred ships: dark-green and a rustic-orange in hue, confronting one another with the picturesque Bajor in the background, dangerously close. Terok Nor looms like a multi-spired castle in orbit, its turrets shooting beams of hot-orange Cardassian disruptor fire, many hitting their mark and sending small Klingon Birds of Prey into perilous barrel-spins -- the B'rels crashing head-first into Bajor's atmosphere and the station's docking rings with small explosions.

All around, massive Negh'var, Vor'cha, and K'Vort class vessels take on the impressive armament of the Cardassian Third and Second Order. Galor Class Cruisers launching missiles in raining multitudes, which smash head-first into the many Klingon vessels, causing them to sink and burst into flame.

The battle seems to escalate, Cardassian and Klingon vessels alike being destroyed in a volley of violent weapons-fire, torpedoes, and projectiles. Ships explode until few are left; and, in the emergence Cardassian victory, the Klingon flagship, the IKS Negh'Var appears to retreat.

Behind it, however, zooms in at high warp the first Federation tactical fleet, which on its immediate arrival opens fire upon the remaining Galor Class vessels. The heavily-damaged Cardassian fleet around Bajoran space is forced into retreat, as DS9 takes additional damage by a torpedo barrage directed from Starfleet's own flagship, the USS Hood.

Then, as if the conflict could grow no worse, the cavalry seems to suddenly appear for the Cardassian Union as a small fleet of Romulan d'Deridex Warbirds decloak off the Hood's port.

Engaged by the re-approaching IKS Negh'var, the ChR Thraiin moves off to confront the Klingon battlecruiser, and in a glorious battle, the Romulans finally destroy the Klingon command-ship in a broad volley of chasing torpedo fire.

Victory seems assured for the Cardassians, and in a brave push into Federation space, they manage to infiltrate deeply before being routed by a re-grouped Federation-Klingon defense force -- resulting in the ultimate destruction of the CUGW Vetar.

*** The clip ends. ***

McDonald lifts his head to address his viewers, "At this time, the Federation and Klingon Empire appear to be in the process of re-grouping and re-establishing a battle-line, as is the Cardassian Union. The exact nature and presence of the Romulan Warbirds is unknown."

Suddenly smiling, he adds, "Stay tuned, as GNN brings you more up-to-the-minute news on the war in the alpha quadrant. This is McDonald, signing off. And, remember, if you didn't hear it from GNN, it probably diddn't happen."