Subject:Klingon Border Skirmish!

Last night, yet another in a series of border skirmishes on the fringes of the Klingon Empire occurred when two Cardassian Galor-class warships, one the famed CUGW Vetar, and the other previously unidentified as the CUGW Koranak. The Vor'cha class IKS jey'naS was lost to the coordinated attack before neighboring patrols, including the infamous Negh'var, could respond to the threat, chasing the Cardassian warships back into the neutral zone.

"The Klingon Empire will no longer tolerate such irritation," stated yejquvwI' Klorgh epetaI' 'eH, long-time member of the High Council and former supporter of Krotoc. "The Union is like a small, annoying animal that makes far too much noise for its bite. We shall pull its teeth out."

Already the Empire has stepped up its border patrols; all incoming traffic, even civilian, is being halted, its credentials and cargo checked, and either permitted to enter or rerouted. Vessels which do not respond favorably are being fired upon without hesitation. Rumors are that a tempory tachyon net is being erected at the border to detect the crossing of cloaked vessels.

The space around tay'ghoqor and Qo'noS is a hotbed of activity, with many of the previously amassing battlegroups already departing, heading into neutral space rimward of the Empire, and yet others massing both along the Klingon-Federation border and along the edge of the KE-RSE Neutral Zone.

It seems now that war is inevitable, if it has not already begun.

This is GNN: If you didn't here it here, it didn't really happen.