Subject:Klingon Empire Reponse to Cardassian Rhetoric

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                              THE KLINGON EMPIRE

A simple-garbed Klingon appears on the screen as the sharp and angular emblem of the Empire fades out. Ridges prominant on his head, skin a rich nutmeg brown, his gaze stares fiercely foreward at his audience, menacing, perturbed.

Sitting behind some gray-metallic desk, the lighting provided dull and dim, darkness saturating the background, crimson banners can scarcely be seen hanging ominously within the aft wall's gloom.

"Firstly, know this: that the Klingon Empire need not reply to any prattle issued by the Cardassian government. Their forked tongues and hissing lies require no answers on our part.

Nevertheless, the Klingon Empire dismisses the idle threats made by the Cardassian Union. If, indeed, any action has spurred our two people to the brink of war it is their own reckless behavoir. Their blatant attacks on Klingon sovereignty by permiting 'rebels' to engage our vessels as well as our allies' has made us wary of all the excuses they furnish.

The destruction of the freighter they 'claim' (and here he emphasizes that word, as if either highly skeptical or highly suspicious) was their's, did indeed possess a Cardassian aboard. If communication and engine troubles were all that the vessel faced, its crew should not have been so concerned about being boarded and its cargo inspected. Instead, in an unrivaled breach of treaty, the vessel was plucked from its detained orbit over Qo'noS by the ChR Thraiin -- the Romulans -- only to be sped away at high warp in tow. If this highly suspicious action doesn't speak for why the Empire was concerned about the freighter's contents, than I believe nothing else will.

The IKS batlh, which pursued the towed freighter in the hands of the ChR Thraiin, received orders from the High Council itself to destroy what was felt to be a most senstive and dangerous ship. We came to this conclusion by asking ourselves why else would the Romulans be so frantic to rescue the freighter, risking their own lives in order to prevent our simple and timely inspection of it. The High Council fervently believes that this freighter -- which was no where as close to Hellesport as the Union claims, but far closer to the Klingon border -- carried on it either additional 'rebel' Cardassian forces or some volatile cargo, like a biogenic virus, that the Union, in syncronization with the Romulans, desired to unleash upon the Empire.

The fact that the Cardassian Union has responded so over a single freighter further underlines our suspicions.

The Union has no need in worrying about engaging our civilian vessels within their space. The Empire has NO desire to trade with such a scheming and dishonorable people!

In reference to the CUGW Vetar's cloak, the current evidence seems to suggest the Romulans as a far more plausible source than the Klingons. The idea that the Klingons would provide any Cardassian with a cloak is utterly laughable.

That is all."

The communique abruptly blips to black.