Subject:Rogue Cardassian Update

*** GNN Breaking News ***

In a report released a few moments ago by the Cardassian Union, there were listed fourty-three names of individuals who were implicated, tried and executed in the events surrounding the theft of several Cardassian vessels, the destruction of the USS Sovereign and the attack on a number of Klingon warships.

In addition to this, however, the report specified that the rogue Cardassians had installed a cloaking device on the CUGW Vetar which is of Klingon origin.

The report speculated that the cloaking device was provided to the rebels by the Klingon government so that they might destabilize the nascent civilian government on Cardassia, thereby eliminating any threat that the Cardassians might have posed.

GNN sources have been unable to confirm or deny any of the accusations made in the Cardassians' report, but rest assured, our reporters are working around the clock to bring you new and updated information regarding the unfolding events in the sector.

Thus far, the Klingon Empire has made no official response to the allegations of the Cardassians.