Subject:Cardassians Address

The image of an aged Cardassian fades into view, his demeanor calm, but his expression grim.

"Yesterday," he says quietly, "The Klingon Empire attacked a civilian freighter in the Romulan-Klingon neutral zone as it was en route to Hellesport Station." He frowns, narrowing his eyes toward the camera, a sneer almost forming on his lips.

He intakes a deep breath before continuing. "This ship, we believe, was having problems with several of its systems -- including communications and warp drive -- and was to have them repaired upon arrival to Hellesport station.

"Sadly, however, the Klingons had other plans.

"With no provocation, the Klingons seized the vessel -- simply because its transponder emitter was malfunctioning -- taking its crew and cargo hostage in neutral space, where they have no jurisdiction or sovereignty," he continues, the pace of his speech increasing, some emotion finding his way into his tone.

"Only through the heroic efforts of the Romulan Empire and the ChR Thraiin was the freighter nearly saved." He looks down at his lecturn, pausing for a moment, before saying, "But the Klingons destroyed the freighter and its crew in an act that can only be described as dishonorable murder!"

"I ask the Federation," he declares firmly, "Are these the allies that they seek to protect? I ask the Galaxy as a whole -- can we allow these pirates masquerading as honorable warriors to continue to murder innocent civilians simply because their equipment malfunctions?!"

He now stops for a moment, dead silence enshrouding him like a blanket of shadow. "Let it be known that Klingon vessels -- even civilian ones -- which are found in Cardassian space will be destroyed immediately. No quarter will be given, but at least we shall warn your traders, Klingon murderers."

"It is the eve of war," he says in a threatening tone, "And your actions have decided your fate in that war, Klingons. The Cardassian Union shall side against you and any of your allies when the shooting begins -- so pray that the diplomats can tame the dogs of war, lest you feel our wrath."

The transmission abruptly ends.