Subject:Klingons and Romulans Engage

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Just moments ago a major incident occurred between the Romulan Star and Klingon Empires. It supposedly began when an unknown, described by the Klingons as 'suspicious,' freighter was detected not far from the borders of Klingon space. A Klingon K'Vort Class Bird of Prey was sent to investigate. Several communiques requesting identification were issued over hail, only to be met with silence. A tractor beam was locked on to the unidentified vessel, and the crew of the IKS batlh proceeded to tow it into Klingon space for proper boarding and inspection.

It was during this time that the ChR Thraiin took an active interest. Demanding that the Klingon vessel desist its actions and relinquish the freighter. When their demands were not complied with, they followed the K'Vort directly into Klingon space, where they proceeded to seize the vessel once its tractor was dropped. A fire-fight ensued over the unmarked freighter, with the IKS batlh pursuing the d'Deridex Warbird as it fled with loot in tow. Shortly afterwards, a second Klingon vessel, the flagship of the Empire, the IKS Negh'Var responded.

The IKS Negh'Var never had a chance to engage the ChR Thraiin in battle. Remnants of the IKS batlh were detected floating near the Romulan border, just within the KE-RSE neutral zone, and the abandoned unidentified freighter -- just barely within RSE space -- was destroyed by two photon shots from the Negh'Var. It is unknown at this time whether the K'Vort's crew were captured or slain in battle. Either way, it is clear that tensions between the two governments and their fleets are on the brink of complete war.