Subject:[Sanuk: UFP Press Conference]

From:     Sanuk
To:       Rembrandt
When:     2:51 pm, Sunday, February 03, 2002
Subject:  UFP Press Conference
Sanuk, the President of the United Federation of Planets, stands at a podium, preparing to give an address to an assembled mass of media:

"Recent disturbing events within out galaxy compel me to deliver this address.  Historically, the Federation's priority has been peace and cooperation.   And, that continues to be our main priority.   However, peace at all costs is not acceptable.  The Federation will defend its interests and the interests of those allied with us.   From this point on, let it be know that any attack on Federation interests will be considered an act of war.  Any attack on the interests of our allies in the Klingon Empire will be considered an act of war against the Federation itself.   We are prepared to respond to any attacks with the full force of Starfleet."

"Recently, USS Sovereign was attacked by a group of Cardassians that the Cardassian Union refer to as rebels.   We accept that the Cardassian Union has captured these rebels and dealt with them as the Cardassian justice system dictates.   However, now that this situation has been dealt with, I reiterate my earlier statement that any further attacks on Federation or Klingon interests will be considered an act of war against the Federation.   We continue to value peace and diplomacy, but we will not stand by as Federation citizens and propery, as well as that of our allies in the Klingon Empire are threatened."
"The Federation would prefer to handle situation diplomatically, without loss of life or property.  If any other power has an issue with the Federation, I encourage you to handle the matter diplomatically.  We will listen to reasonable diplomatic appeals.  However, our only response to military attacks will be to respond in kind.  This ends my address."