Subject:Qo'noS' Masses Clammor for War!

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Millions took to the streets today throughout Qo'noS as the Romulan Star Empire broadcasted its holdings of several prominent figures from the Klingon Empire. Unlike most other species, the Klingon race is well known for its honor-system: to permit capture is nearly as intolerable an offense as succumbing to disease or old age. In these cases, the opportunity to die in battle is believed to have been squandered.

If the Romulan government anticipated they would rouse the fires of the populace against the High Council, forcing a release by showing this cell-footage, they were sadly mistaken. Instead, the masses have demanded that the Romulan Star Empire be eliminated. War is being called from every side and House, and the immediate release of Kahless has been called for by some of his most steadfast-believers.

Imperial papers are printing polls that support the Klingon people's lack of interest on the behalf of loS, Toq'mar, and even Krotoc. It seems, unbelievably, that only Kahless is bearing any weight in the matter. The long-standing hero, clone of the original Kahless, has been a controversial figure ever since his reappearance not more than thirty years ago. The other political figures, although once considered heroes, apparently have lost a great deal of stock in public appeal following their capture. A cloud of dishonor has been cast upon them. Even Kahless has not gone unscathed by this tarnish. The images of him behind a Romulan-green forcefield have re-awoken many of his former critics, who until recently remained in the shadows, calling him an abomination and instrument of the former government.

The exact course all this rhetoric and dogma will take is unpredictable. It is clear that the Romulan Star Empire has struck a nerve. The exact nature of the High Council appears shrouded, its actions and decisions seemingly slow due to its equal-division between former-Krotoc loyalists and Brotherhood of Honor rebels. Time will decide whether the High Council will now go against an even more unpopular decision to exchange the Romulan prisoners, or follow-through on the demands for war.