Subject:Kahless in Rihannsu Cell

In an uncharacteristic and perhaps always alarming appearance, the seal of the Rihannsu Star Empire flashes on the common news feed channel, pausing in its ferocious deadly Bird of Prey, holding the two homeworlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran in its talons. When the pause ends, a female Rihanha in official civilian clothing appears on the screen... her slanted eyebrows and chiseled features somehow devoid of the usual semi-smirk that the race applies to all the aliens. No, today her face is serious and her v-shaped, characteristic haircut spells out some possible past military service in Galae, so valued among the people of the Two Worlds.

"Jolan'tru," the voice of the female is melodic and aspirated... the universal translator set to filter some words above others, "The Rihannsu Star Empire has been recently involved in a number of operations necessitated by the developments in the galaxy near our border. While we patiently watched civil wars and revolutions take their course, we have drawn a line at any activities that threatened our own space and people. Since such activities did take place, the Empire has acted swifty and without hesitation. The results are hardly anything that would not be expected of our naval forces, but today it is the day to share them with the rest of the galaxy... or at least reveal their ramifications.

The camera pans to the left, revealing cells lined up along the walls with green forcefields protecting their entrances and rifle-totting guards on duty. "To demonstrate our effectiveness, allow me to introduce our... guest of the Empire. The first one is Kahless himself, the great legendary emperor of the Klingon people and the spiritual role model and leader to many of their warriors. The second is Krotoc, the former leader of the Empire, exiled and captured by the Rihannsu people. Toq'mar was the leader of the Klingon revolution, singlehandedly rallying the entire nation to war against the old government and succeeding admirably... now confined to a Rihannsu cell, next to Krotoc. With him, a klivam named loS, whose return to the Klingon Empire was hailed by the leaders of the revolution. The chancellor Shra'Hawk may now be missing the advice of those two most loyal subjects."

"Not to be outdone," the Rihanha continues evenly, "The klivam have captured two Rihannsu military officers, and put them in their captivity. A small price to pay for singlehandedly rounding up the elite of the Klingon state. Nonetheless, the Rihannsu Star Empire did offer the klivam a prisoner exchange... two for two, allowing them to retrieve Toq'mar and loS with a possible talks about the future of their spiritual leader Kahless - who as the best warrior ever of the klivam people should be more of a stranger to our prisons. The klivam refused.

"The refusal not only encompasses the lack of interest in Toq'mar and loS, but closes any possible talks in retrieving Kahless himself and the political prisoner Krotoc. The fact that they chose struggle as oppsosed to diplomacy is not surprising to us, but the Empire is perplexed with the apparent lack of care for their heroes. A possible rumor that the old Krotoc-sympathetic government may be again in power is lending itself some respect, given the refusal to retreive the refolutionary heroes. The Rihannsu are still willing to listen to any possible exchange or diplomacy plans from the klivam or from the only body in the galaxy that recognizes their new government - the lloann'mhrahel (Federation). That government is, of course, largely in our hands, but in the interest of galactic prosperity, a blind eye is sometimes necessary."

The camera pans over the cells one more time, revealing the faces mentioned, and back to the speaker. "It is not the intention of this message to threat. If we wish to excercise power over our enemies, we will do so. But the status quo of our and klivam situation is presented here. This is the call for a resolve. After it fails, Kahless will be put to slavery under Rihannsu law and sold on the galactic market to the highest bidder."

The bust of the Rihanha figures motionlessly on the screen for a few seconds more and then vanishes into the darkness as the message ends.