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                           THE CARDASSIAN UNION


The image of an aged Cardassian, his features noble and proud, appears
on the screen as the emblem of the Cardassian Union fades away. His
expression is grave, his dark eyes peering into the camera as the room
in which he stands grows silent, awaiting his words.

"Greetings," he says, "I am Legate Teknav of the Cardassian Union." He
inhales deeply, his sable uniform reflecting the numerous lights focused
on the diplomat. He continues to speak, his words slow and deliberate,
"As we are all aware," he says, "An unfortunate incident occured near
the Federation-Klingon border yesterday." He sighs once more as he takes
a moment's pause.

"It appears," he continues, "That on Stardate 1020125.1004, the CUGW
Vetar was stolen from its docking station on Terok Nor.

"At first, we believed that this crime was comitted by the Maquis or
some sort of other movement with a strong anti-Cardassian sentiment,
but it appears that our conclusions were mistaken.

"It is a sad day for Cardassia," he says, a sorrow now filling his
voice, "For this crime was commited by our very own people --

"Our intelligence now shows that the Vetar was hijacked by a
group of Cardassians opposed to the new civilian government of the
Union. This group apprently sought to incite a war between the
Federation and the Klingon Empire by hijacking not only the Vetar,
but also by capturing the USS Sovereign, a Federation ship, and
firing at Klingon ships."

He now smiles, "Thankfully, due to the remarkable prowess of the
Klingon Defense Force, these would-be warmongers were fended off.

"Six hours ago," he continues, "The CUGW Koranak managed to capture
the Vetar, as it was about to attack the Federation once again. We have
tried and executed each of the thirty-seven members of the crew and,
according to the sensor logs on the Vetar, those who destroyed the
Sovereign -- apparently by shutting down the warp core containment
field -- were also among their number.

"The Cardassian Union offers its sincerest apologies to both the
Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Let me assure you
that the Cardassian Empire desires only peace with our neighbors, the
Klingons and the Federation -- and that we hope that our swift action in
this matter is to the pleasing of them both.

"Should our Klingon or Federation friends wish to see the footage of the
trials and executions, we shall make them available to you at request."

With that, the Cardassian steps down from the podium, and the screen
quickly fades back to the emblem of the Cardassian Union.