Subject:Kiev Incident

I am very dissappointed in the shabby reporting of Sare Lane. Either she did not know the facts before she wrote her report or she deliberately misquoted them.
The copy of the Official report I have here in front of me states that the officer fired in the direction of the unknown. He could see the target on Long Range sensors so the target was visible therefore Earth was not between the target and Spacedock. Sensors do not bend around an object so if the Unknown had been behind the Earth as some have suggested it would not have been visible on sensors.
Therefore, as phasers fire in a straight line and again do not bend one of two things must have happened. Either the officer mistyped the coords or there was a malfunction. It has yet to be proven which is the case.
There is a vast difference between firing at something and firing toward it to disrupt a cloak. I am dissapointed that you failed to grasp this very important concept.
The trial date has not been set as yet because the investigation is ongoing and all the facts are not in. We try to do things thoroughly in the Federation trying to get all the facts and correctly.