Subject:Klingon Empire Threatening War

*** GNN Breaking News ***

In the wee-hours of the morning, when the sun barely peaked its lazy head over the horizon, flooding Qo'noS' dull and cloudy atmosphere with sparse rays of light, the sleep-deprived and slumber-woken High Council met in a sudden emergency session. Called by the new Qang, Shra'hawk, they were swiftly informed of the recent skirmish between a Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser and a Vor'cha Class Cruiser within the fringes of Imperial space.

"This cannot --  NO!, it must not be tolerated! The Cardassians have gone to far, invading our space and then firing upon one of our vessels. This is an act of war!"  one yejquvwI' was heard shouting amidst both jeers and cheers.

"The Cardassian government must be held responsible for this incident. Whether they acknowledge some part in it or not! Just as we would have to contend with a rogue B'rel, they must cotend with rogue Galor -- if their words be true...You know as well as I do that a Cardassian can't be trusted." another member sneered as the council's voices died down.

"I agree." finally said Shra'Hawk, most stoic and noble of them all. Lor'mogh at his side, stood up, nodding his head -- the old ambassador having some experience with the Cardassian Union during his days in the diplomatic corps. "And, I too agree...this dishonor must not be randomly dismissed." he muttered softly.

It seems that the High Council's forceful move to re-commence war-time fleet refitment and construction was not unjustified. Today, although the High Council concluded its session with no formal declaration of war...just yet, it is clear the Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Union are one step closer to a violent resolution for their mutual dislike.