Subject:Battle Royale in Neutral Space

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Heavy weapons fire was exchanged earlier today just outside of Federation space in neutral territory as unknown attackers forced the USS Hood, Galaxy class starship and pride of Starfleet to eject its warp core in a diplomatic mission gone awry. Sources report that the Hood was meeting the Thraiin for a rendevous in order to receive Romulan diplomats, when a cloaked ship, detected by the Thraiin and dismissed as an anamoly by the Hood, beamed saboteurs into the Engineering section of the mighty starship, causing destruction to the warp core sufficient to require its ejection.

A hail of phaser, disruptor, and photon fire drove the ship, which revealed itself to be a Galaxy class starship, away. Shockingly enough, according to these same sources, the Romulans then proceeded to beam troops over to the Engineering section of the Hood, where they were prompty intercepted by security personnel and a firefight ensued. The resilient Romulans resoundingly ravaged the stunned Starfleet security staff, managing to take control of the vessel. At this point however, two Klingon vessels arrived, bombarding the warbird until it was forced to surrender.

The crippled cruiser and damaged D'deridex hung in space as the clever Klingons carefully considered their options. On board the Hood, the Romulans, trapped on the vessel, managed to subdue the crew through the use of anesthesine gas, save Lieutenant Karson, who was able to grab an oxygen mask in time to snatch a shuttle, soaring seamlessly into space to send signals of distress to the Sovereign. Meanwhile, the Klingons beamed armed assault agents around the bridge of the Thraiin, capturing the vessel.

"It was an utter catastophe. The security officers on the Hood were shooting so poorly that it was hard to believe they weren't missing deliberately, while the Romulans just couldn't miss." said a man with long red hair wearing a business suit jacket over a white blouse, holding an armful of Type II Phasers, "Meanwhile the blasts from the Klingon torpedoes hitting the warbird possibly did more damage to the Hood than anything previously had."

The Hood's shields were battered down and the Romulans beamed into the custody of the Klingons, while it appeared that the warbird was captured as well, when the cloaked Galaxy class starship reappeared to scoop the command crew and attackers off of the bridge of the Thraiin, moments before the heretofore darkened nacelles of the warbird glowed green and a bright flash of light marked the ship's shift over the speed of light.

The enraged and suprised Birds of Prey turned to attack the Thraiin, but it managed to cloak, disappearing from sight to presumably escape to a safe place. Meanwhile, the Galaxy class ship once again cloaked, disappearing as well, taking the captured Romulans and Klingons with it.

The Hood was toweed back to Spacedock by the Sovereign, while the Klingons retreated to Qo'nos with the prisoners they had seized from the Hood. As to the whereabouts of the command crew of the Thraiin and their Klingon attackers, no one is certain.

One thing is clear, however. Relations in the Alpha Quadrant are once again strained. The Klingons, already incensed over the disappearance of their Emperor and the former Qang Krotoc have made several comments discussing the possibility of war with the RSE, and the RSE, while silent, has been sighted moving more ships towards the KE-RSE neutral zone, in a possible mobilization for hostilities. The Federation, meanwhile, deals with a series of mysterious attacks by this cloaked vessel, and confusion over the handling of the aforementioned events. The latest facts receive show that Captain David Alexander Gabriel of the Hood has relived himself of duty over the matter.

This is Roger McDonald, reporting for GNN, where the news is poetry and we are the bard.