Subject:Onlookers Shocked at Coronation!

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Delegates from both quadrants were shocked during the Klingon Empire's coronation ceremony for former Fleet Admiral Shra'Hawk, when the soon-to-be-Chancellor was challenged by a member of the unoffical Rihannsu delegation during the ceremony's ritual honor challenge. All those present held their breath as the unidentified female drew first blood, and tension rose as the Qang-elect failed to strike not once, but twice before his bat'leth found purchase in her skull.

When the Rihannsu woman was evacuated by Klingon medical transport aboard the flagship of the Empire, the Negh'var, the ceremony broke down into a mass of confusion and was scheduled to conclude at a later date.

When asked what repercussions the event might have, Klorgh epetaI' 'eH, member of the High Council had this to say: "Despite the attempt to make a mockery of our ways, the romuluSngan female did fight with skill. But in the end, she was ultimately defeated by the Qang's prowess. There will be no repercussions."

The entire ceremony was a far cry from the usual Rite of Succession ceremony, where only only those on the Klingon High Council with rightful claims to the seat are allowed to challenge each other for the position. Instead present were delegations from the United Federation of Planets, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, the Tholian Assembly, and of course the Rihannsu Star Empire, whom were there unofficially under personal invitation of High Councillor Toq'mar, hero of the Brotherhood of Honor.

"The entire farce was devised by Toq'mar," said Klorgh. "An attempt to open the ways of our people to the quadrants in peace, probably. Ultimately, it was a folly."

Despite announcements to the contrary, the closing ceremonies were held in private chambers, where Qang Shra'Hawk underwent further ritual trials.

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