Subject:Bajoran Ship Destroyed in UFP Space!

On Stardate 1020122.1838, a Bajoran ship, reportedly the BAS Prophet,
crossed the border into Federation space, being persued by an
unidentified craft.

Upon doing so, the Prophet and her crew requested asylum from the
Federation; a request that was promptly granted by Federation

Despite this, the ship, which is now being reported as a refitted
Galaxy Class Starship not belonging to the United Federation of
Planets, continued its persuit of the Bajoran, heavily damaging it and
forcing it to a full stop, dead in space.

The USS Sovereign and the USS Hood were dispatched to the craft's aid,
but, by the time the two ships were in range, the Prophet was destroyed,
leaving only one crew member, aboard an escape pod, to survive.

The Galaxy Class escaped from UFP Space, and the surviving crew member,
whose name is not currently being released, was rescued by the USS
Sovereign, and is currently listed in stable condition by their medical

To complicate matters, the Cardassian Government has demanded that the
Federation turn over this survivor, claiming that they are a wanted
criminal. The Federation insists on trying the survivor in their own
court systems, should the Cardassian Union's claims be truthful.

Starfleet has not issued any official statement on this matter.