Subject:Shocker on Highland Station: PanHelles CEO Horimoto wounded, arrested!

Good afternoon, GNN viewers.  This is Roger McDonald, reporting from Highland Station.

Minutes ago, Unican authorities took into custody Johnathan Horimoto, Chief Executive of PanHelles Interstellar Holdings Corporation.  Witnesses report that Mr. Horimoto allegedly stormed into a branch office of the Galactic Credit Bank, accused a man by the name of "Santiago" of kidnapping his daughter, and then opened fire in the bank.  Two individuals, one believed to be Santiago and the other an unidentified Terran woman, returned fire, and Horimoto was wounded and knocked unconscious in the ensuing firefight.  Neither Santiago nor the other woman could be located immediately after the incident.  Unican security is seeking both of them for questioning, and has charged Mr. Horimoto with attempted murder and creating a hazard to the public.