Subject:Latest News, Krotoc's Location Confirmed

*** GNN Breaking News ***

This just in.

Sources close to GNN have confirmed that the former Qang, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, Krotoc, is indeed being harbored inside the Rihannsu Star Empire. Independent vessels, along with some Ferengi merchant-ships, have validated this report by providing passive sensor scans of the IKS baHjan, the B'rel Class Bird of Prey taken by the rogue official.

At this time, GNN remains unaware of the current status of Krotoc and his crew. Having fled with a large contingent of loyal admirals, many with decades of tactical experience and knowledge, their presence in Rihannsu space is most unnerving. Furthermore, rumors persist by ex-Krotoc-supporters that the old Qang still might have with him a stockpile of the biogenic torpedoes he was attempting to assemble. In the hands of the Rihannsu, Klingon technology could prove most valuable. Enough so, that former Qang could indeed have found an ally to aid him in re-taking his seat at the head of the Klingon Empire.

This news comes just weeks after the new Qang, long-time war-hero Shra'Hawk, had announced preparations for his nearing coronation ceremony (OOC: this weekend, January 6th). The Gorn, Tholians, United Federation of Planets, Ferengi Alliance, Hellesport Station Command, and Cardassian Union all have been invited. Seemingly, only the Rihannsu Star Empire's government was omitted.

The out-look of the two quadrants remains uncertain, universal tensions ambiguous. Although, recent Gorn fleet-movements have ceased and their invite to new Klingon regime's celebratory crowning is a start to the much needed cooling process.

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