Subject:News From Within the Klingon Empire

*** GNN Special Report ***

A coronation ceremony has been announced to be in the works by the Klingon Ministry of Internal Affairs following Toq'mar's succession of the position of Qang to the esteemed Fleet Admiral Shra'Hawk. Those former High Council Members who had previously been acting upon their own accord, which GNN had, we believe fairly, labeled warlords, have also offered their full garrisons and territories back to the new government of the Empire in exchange for a seat upon the High Council. Most are welcoming them back with open arms, fearing that rejection could only lead to a new prolonged civil war and more casualties.

In related news, Toq'mar, himself, leader of the Brotherhood of Honor, has been granted a seat upon the High Council, leaving behind his days in the valna' for a political career. Many believe that the former rebellion leader will still attempt to guide Shra'Hawk in the decision making process...and, no doubt, they are right, the two seemingly sharing a tight friendship bond following Krotoc's overthrow.

Krotoc, however, remains elusive, and analysts here at GNN suspect he may have fled by now into Romulan Space, where apparently, conjecture claims, he was welcome. There is also a distinct, but less likely, possibility that he is in Tholian space, instead. A guest of that government for some odd and peculiar reason.

The Gorn, who have yet to receive any word during this chaotic time within the Klingon Empire concerning their own fate, have begun to amass what ships they have in preparation for a continued war against the Klingons. It now falls into the new Chancellor's lap to swiftly remedy the status between his empire and the reptilian Confederation.

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