Subject:Qo'noS Riots, Krotoc Flees lojmIt!

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Riots have errupted on Qo'noS to a degree never before seen within the history of the Klingon Empire. People are taking to the streets, killing in masses anyone who's been linked as a supporter of the Qang's current government. Imperial Guards managed to stem back the violence for several hours, gunning down at least one hundred Klingon citizens, before they too were overrun and torn apart by the angry mob's bare hands. In Veng Square, at the Empire's capital, veng wa'Dich, a crowd of unruly protesters lassoed the statue of Krotoc amongst the other Chancellors and pulled it down, smashing apart the fine bronze and copper and spitting on its remains.

The planet seems to be in a state of total chaos and anarchy, caught in the middle between the loyalists at tay'ghoqor and the rebels at boreH. Injuries are sure to increase, as is no doubt the violence. At this time, most empires are advising their citizens to avoid travel, at any cost, to Qo'noS and Klingon space.

*The anchor's eyes widen as he is reported new news into his ear-piece.*

Wow. Wait, this just in...

More than ninety-percent of the Klingon Defense Force has defected now against the old Chancellor, effectively declaring his government null and void. Krotoc, has reportedly, fled from veqlargh lojmIt in a small B'rel class vessel, with a contingent of generals and admirals who still remain loyal to him. The station's forces were unable to stop him, and his last reported heading took him straight towards the Klingon-Romulan Neutral zone, and ultimately Romulan space. Forces now loyal to the Brotherhood of Honor upon lojmIt have announced the discovery of a large biogenic laboratory, with deadly viri-torpedoes still in the process of being assembled -- their target species engineered for Klingon. Reaction to this find has been shock throughout the two quadrants.

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