From:Sera Lane
Subject:GNN Report

This is Sera Lane reporting from Earth where I have just found out some very interesting news and information about the Kiev incident that occurred some weeks ago.  I stand some 500 yards from the ruins of the once flourishing city of Kiev, behind me the charred crater that was once the city, lies as a reminder of that fateful day when a stray phaser blast from Spacedock sent a burning rain of plasma over the entire area.  

According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, not only was the person accused of causing the tragedy at Kiev, Mr. Braces Wires, offered a plea, but that plea was turned down by advice from his council.  Sources tell me that the accused was offered a demotion in rank with a 2 year suspended prison sentence, probation, and a permanent mark on his record.  Apparently, the prosecution recognizes the events to have not been intentional though the accused would still be accountable in some fashion for his actions, hence the plea.  

My sources tells me that the counsel and the accused feel that he has done nothing wrong and should basically be let off the hook regarding the entire incident.  It remains to be seen when Starfleet will actually hold this trial as they seem to be dragging their feet and allowing the defense to hold up proceedings by bringing up unrelated events and siting them as having an affect on the proceedings.

A tactical analysis of Spacedock clearly showed that all tactical systems on Spacedock were fully operational at the time of the incident and the possibility of misfiring or problems with the guidance system were ruled out.  The computer node that houses the tactical safeguard software was, however, offline at the time of the incident due to a full diagnostic on the system.  Whether the defense plans on using this as part of their defense is still unknown.  The report also stated that the remainder of the equipment necessary for firing was intact and whoever was manning the tactical console at the time of the incident had to manually input the coordinates, lock on weapons and fire the weapons in order to cause the Kiev incident.

In a sworn statement by the accused he says the following: "I had just finished talking to Lieutenant J.G. Solan, and then went to the Operations Center to perform a standard sensor sweep. I recognized the unknown contact sitting on sensors, because I've been seeing it there, as well as others have, thinking it was more than likely a cloaked Klingon vessel. However, I contact the Klingon Empire, and they contacted all of their vessels, and confirmed none of them [was] anywhere near the Sol system. I believe I was speaking over the KE channel to General Maraq. At that point, I armed the phasers; I believe the photons were already armed and ready from a previous confrontation. I attempted multiple times to get the unknown contact on the comms, but it would not respond. I then tried to disrupt the cloak with a tractor beam, but that was ineffective. I the configured the phasers to fire in the direction of the unknown contact, and fired. As you well know, the phaser shot did not hit its target, but rather the planet Earth."  This clearly indicates that the accused 'did' fire a shot that did end up hitting earth.  He himself admits it.  The next move is in the hands of the JAG.  A trial date has yet to be set, leaving one to wonder just what's holding up Starfleet and why.