Subject:A New Friendship

Although no official proclamation was made, the news is now confirmed. The Rihannsu Star Empire has alied itself with the Klingon Empire, recognizing its government and leading body as that held by the Chancellor Krotoc. Furthermore, the Rihannsu have stated that as long as this rightful government of the Klingons remains in place, peace will reign between the two nations and the healing and re-building process can begin. Arrhe-Aevr - the trade sector of the Two Worlds - has been charged with a mission of setting up a relief campaign to aid those Klingons who suffered from the war, and a talk of reparations for previous crimes (on both sides) has apparently been suggested as an agenda for an upcoming meeting.

As a rightful friend, the Rihannsu Star Empire has declared the internal in the Klingon Empire as an 'internal matter', and will not interfere with the war unless so formally asked by the true and recognized government of the Klingon people. As long as that government remains in place, galaxy's two greatest enemies seem to be heading for peace that has been the goal of so many nations. May this be a new future for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.