Subject:[Sanuk: Official UFP Announcement]

From:     Sanuk
To:       Rembrandt
When:     1:45 pm, Sunday, December 16, 2001
Subject:  Official UFP Announcement
Citizens of the Federation, and the Galaxy, I greet you.  My task today is to address the matter of the Klingon civil war.   Recent actions by Qang Krotoc make it clear that he is either insane, or under an outside influence.   I formally declare that his faction is no longer recognized by the United Federation of Planets as the official government of the Klingon Empire.  We formally recognize the faction led by Brother Toq'mar as the official government of the Klingon Empire.   Qang Krotoc's attempts to illegally disband his High Council and take over the Klingon Empire as a fascist dictator will not prevail, thanks to the honorable and courageous leadership of Brother Toq'mar.   The Federation will continue to stand by its treaty of alliance with the rightful government of the Klingon Empire.  That is all.